05 May 2010


In an ideal and marvelous second life world, designers would put pictures of all their designs in the folders, so we wouldn't wonder what is in there in the middle of 50.000 items... Especially since those pictures are done and used as vendors. But, as I dream too much, today my style is science fiction/cyber :)
AVZ ~ Wrapped Boots, often copied, never surpassed, AVZ ~ Dark Garden Hair (black) amazing details in those hair, outfit is part of SYSY's Greenies-Future is now GaGa Romama-PINK, collector and surprising outfit from SySy (pronounced "Saï Saï") , Styligion ~ Leather Belt ~ black from ASrock, free skin yes! *~{Frick} Alt Geisha - Petal in Noir - Doll Lips, and pose ** Miyoko Magic ** Drama 1
LMs at the right of this blog. Now I look for a spaceship to match this outfit... If you have an idea, post it here.

Personal PS to a designer: being 4 days late for SL daily deal is not THAT bad ;)


  1. Oooh I love that look from SySy....Is it new?

  2. No it was released for The Future is now event in January. You'll find 3 versions at her store: