21 May 2010

My boots

I am a noobie blogger, and I discover this mad world as I post my 18th post :) I had a talk with my SLWife about bloggers, who is inspired by who. Me I started to blog because I love to take pictures and I want to show original stuff in a simple way. But fact is: we all go to the same stores, we all receive the same promo packs, and we are all inspired by each other. It doesn't mean we must copy paste and claim we are 1st because we are not anyway.
So the past 2 days I was thinking: ok I'll do a cowboy style, no one posted a cowgirl this week. And then this morning as I check the feeds, I see my friend Suri who posted this neat cowgirl post here: 
And it's cool she did because she's just beautiful. Now Suri, let's go catch some dancing cows together, ok? :)

My outfit credits:
Skin: Plastic Flowers ::PLFL:: New Year_ Tan amazing skins from Plastic Flowers at 25L$
Boots: ::Duh!:: previous Group Gift Women's Grey Cowboy Boots. The same in blue are at 1L$ at the store
Bracelets: .:* LOULOU&CO *:. #52, from Zombie Popcorn Hunt
Hat and necklace: ::MEZZO::group  cowboy hat*black, I remember that hat was one of my 1st sculptie hat when I rezzed 2 years ago. I visited the store again, the hat is not there anymore but there are tons of cool things to discover from this Japanese designer. And I got my necklace ::MEZZO::Square long necklace Black in the lucky board while I was there.
Pose: (Miyoko Magic) The pose for my boots free for the subscribers and 1L$ in store

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