14 September 2010

Closed eyes, opened mouth

Closed eyes, opened mouth is a funny happy accident when you don't photoshop. So with my black and white outit, I jumped to LPDT2. It's an excellent place if you use viewer2 and want to play with SL shadows as letters are falling from the sky and make nice shadows on you. You'll find several free avatars at landing point and there are several levels to experiment in the sim.

LPDT2 is an art installation during September in SL based on Roy Ascott's "La Plissure du Texte" exhibition that was in Paris in 1983. Complete infos on the project on the blog: http://lpdt2.tumblr.com/
LPDT2 Credits: LPDT2, Roy Ascott, Selavy Oh, MosMax Hax, Alpha Auer, Frigg Ragu, Elif Ayiter, Max Moswitzer

I styled my avatar with: Magika Hair - Zita; Dutch Touch Isis skin; INDI - Top black/white; Vextra Fashion - Zipped Leather Hotpants - Black; Ayumi Leggings - White; Maitreya SoHo Boots, Urbanity Leather Cuffs
Pose: (Miyoko Magic) Ego 1

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