02 November 2010

Meet Elektra the cat

You have certainly recognized this cat that belonged to Suri Christen. If you're a fan of fashion, you have noticed that she likes to come sit just when a picture is taken! Examples: here, here, here, and here too. But recently Suri adopted a new cat and total drama, the 2 couldn't get along at all. They were fighting more than 2 designers who used the same template to release clothes or more than 2 bloggers who blogged the same outfits... So I proposed Suri to adopt Elektra, who is already posing here with me.
Dress: Requiem pour une s ur perdue Worlds end garden group gift
Hat: La rose noire de la Reine Worlds end garden group gift
Gloves: -Phoenix Rising- Intentions Lace Gloves Store in closing sale atm
Shouldn't take long before Elektra notices the bird on my hat...

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