31 December 2010

Top and flops of 2010

Bye bye 2010! Time for a year end review. I made a list of my tops and flops for 2010 in SL. Of course these are just my point of views. You will like some and dislike others, it's normal, we are all differents and learning to live with the other differences make us more rich inside.

Flops of 2010
1 LL viewer 2 = hahaha what a bad joke
2 display names = hahaha, no seriously LL no better things to do?
3 morphing RL/SL pictures = it was and still is freaky, especially used for store vendors
4 "I'm leaving SL forever" and back 2 weeks later
5 the closing sales and sales in general, good news the grid is on sale!
6 Thievery, scams and grieffers = unfortunately still too much
7 The templates = nice to learn to create but when I saw 4 stores with the same great sculptie coat, I was wondering who stole who?
8 The hunts = I used to love hunts but now too many of them, too badly organized, not fun anymore
9 Plurk = I tried a few months to find out it's the best place for people who have time to lose and who can't speak to people face to face.
10 Philip "Linden" Rosedale = he left us again :(

Top of 2010
1 The alpha layers = all good third party viewers have them, you should try.
2 The creations of SL residents = the quality gets more and more amazing
3 The bloggosphere = I became a part of it this year and met a lot of great people from there. I think it's what keeps SL alive and turning.
4 The art of ALTing = many designers decided to restart from scratch and used alter egos to redo a new business, I found the result really good. It takes some guts to reinvent yourself (I'm msyelf the alt of another designer *winks*)
5 The trolls = yes I put them in the tops of 2010 because they really made me laugh a lot. Some were so unreal, they made me believe in Santa Claus again ^^
6 The new SL marketplace = surprisingly good
7 The third party viewers = they have really clever options
8 The groups = some very cool ones where people help each other
9 LL Intellectual Proprety Team = finally created to slowly but surely fight thievery, it's never too late.
10 My 2 friends who met in SL 4 years ago and are getting married in real next February. They invited their SL friends to the wedding so we'll be a bunch to meet for the 1st time in real!

I am wearing for this last post of the year:
Hair: [kik]hair-Shinobu(brown)*hat_LB Lucky board gift
Sunglasses: .:*December*:. Glasses No.44 A M previous LB gift

Happy new year everybody! Bonne année 2011! :)

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