29 December 2010

Week 8 Green &Inaya contest

52 weeks of color challenge, this week is green. I don't know if I like green or not. It's a color I don't dislike or like neither, it's a neutral feeling. All I know is that you should never wear green if you are on TV unless you want to accidentally end on youtube
Hair: W&Y MODEL HAIR 1 (previous gift)
Skin: [inaya] Skin -Dejah-pale 'brune' > Inaya are having a contest now where you can win their full shop collection (skins and fashion) + lifetime copies of their new skins. More infos here
Top: part of (The L Word) Female Avatar 5 (the L Word sim is not there anymore but was giving complete avatars made by famous designers, like this top by Scarlett Butler from Pixeldolls)
Skirt with belt: part of Ingenue :: Highland Traveler :: The Season's Hunt Gift (previous gift)
Gloves: *[ROC]* Green Leather Gloves Long (previous gift)
Boots: [Decoy] Jully Boots - Forest (previous gift)
Pose: POSEUR - system skirt 006


  1. I like green ... an your outfit is quite classy ... nice choice ;-)

  2. I love this outfit. I admit, I don't click *all* the links but I try to do a few from each color and look at everything on the Flickr group. :)

  3. Thank you Mayala and Pia! You both answered my question and the answer is: 2 :)
    Actually me I avoid to look at the others links before I post mine because I don't want to be influenced.
    Oh and you just reminded me the flickr group... Running there now :)

  4. Great look, Miyoko! :D And I click all the links after I post my own. Well, sometimes... lol

  5. Thank you Gabi!
    The next one, silver, I will surely click them all after I post. It's so hard to find good silver things in SL. My outfit is ready and I can't wait to see the others :)

  6. I love your green :) Happy New Year!

  7. What a terrific outfit! I love the wide belt/corset. Great job <3

  8. Hey Luna thank you! The belt actually comes with the skirt and another top. I was holding my breath the time of the picture to look that thin ;)
    (alpha layers rock!)