20 March 2011

52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Sky Blue fail

Watch me hide in shame for failing at this week's bloggers color challenge with sky blue. When I saw the color last week I thought cool! I certainly have a lot of little dresses in that color, that will be a fresh post. But after returning all my inventory upside down, no sky blue, no light blue, no baby blue, nothing except some jeans if that counts. Then a quick appointement at my favorite hair salon Truth, who accepted streak a small part of my hair in light blue...
Poses: HelaMiyo
Skin: -Glam Affair - Sakura skin - Natural BR_A 03 (Pacific Crisis Fundraiser)
Top: Izzie's - Silk Top black (big crush for this top in all layers for Pacific Crisis Fundraiser)
Boots: ::{Favole}:: Wraith (new boots very solid, you can even work out with them, I tested)
Belt: ::{Favole}:: Seikatsu (Pacific Crisis Fundraiser low lag at mainstore)
Bracelet: ::{Favole}:: Life Bracelet (Pacific Crisis Fundraiser low lag at mainstore)
Necklace (hidden but matching the bracelet): ::{Favole}:: Life (Pacific Crisis Fundraiser low lag at mainstore)
Sunglasses: AMODICA LOOKR ~ Hollywood ~ Black (vintage SL = no more store)


  1. Aww! If it makes you feel any better, I stalked a lucky chair for two days, convinced the prize was exact sky blue only to win it, put it on and realize it was way too turquoise to be used with good conscience. And that's when I dove into my Plan B of lingerie, yesyes.

    I like how you're hiding behind the shades! *grins* Nothing to worry about, though, jeans and stripe look awesome!

  2. oh no! Hahaha :) Well you did a gooood plan B, totally love it.
    Thing is I tried in my blue folders plan A, B, C, D, F and G: I tried all my dresses -mini, 3/4 and long ones, then i tried all my tops, all my pants and all my skirts, then I thought ok maybe I have shoes? Even thought of jewels, but nope, nothing.
    Strange as I was pretty sure to have at least a couple of Elate dresses... or was it my alt? :)

  3. (but I am so ready for next week in white!! It should balance with this week)

  4. And there is more... under the glasses, check the color of my make-up, it's the 3rd picture here:

  5. Yees, that Glam Affair skin is fantastic ^_^

    And yeah, it's funny how 'wrong' you can remember the colours, I remember with umber I was so convinced I had a lolita dress in that tone, originally meant to have the faun with one bent knee in a girly pose and wearing a dress, but... eh. Stuff happens!