25 April 2011

Dead sexy

- JJ: dead sexy ; )
- Miyoko Magic: you need an operation? I do plastic surgery for free
- JJ: first I'll need some wounds
- Miyoko Magic: sure i can do that. I'll learn on you but it's ok
- JJ: hehe, can I book an appointment?
- Miyoko Magic: yes: meet me at midnight in the back alley of the hospital, near the trashcans
- JJ: I hope your blades are sterile
- Miyoko Magic: yeah of course and don't worry for the rust
- JJ: Your skills are sharper though right?
- Miyoko Magic: oh yes I cut a lot meat, I don't have my diploma but surgery is free ;)
Pose: HelaMiyo Just Saying
Hair: Magika // Porcelain Easter (subscriber gift, recolored)
Skin: Ali Couture Sadistic Snow White (previous gift)
Eyes: (Dernier Cri) - Zombie eyes + blood (previous gift)
Outfit: Suicidal Unborn -SU!- Crazy Nurse (Halloween 2009 gift)
Shoes: Sole Sisters - Pumps - White (previous gift)
(thanks to JJ for allowing me to copy our conversation)


  1. Do you do house calls?

  2. Hi, yes sure, but you left your message in anonymous so I can't call you back ;)