10 May 2011

My dear secret diary

My dear secret diary, today I'm very happy because I got a new shirt. It started when I was trying to cut my own hair to be very pretty. I didn't just cut the hair so the men in white came and they offered me this cool shirt with arms that attach in the back! Yay!
Now I'm standing in this room with matresses on the walls. It's very quiet so I have all the time to think about existential questions like: why are we on earth or why the SL bloggosphere is so serious? :)
Poses: HelaMiyo
Hair: Rotten Toe - psychodelia black(Previous gift)
Skin: &Bean - Lake Smiley (Previous gift)
Straitjacket: Dilly Dolls *DD* Silently Red
Pants: (Dernier Cri) Ripped Bloody Denim (Previous gift)
Shoes: DECO Trail Boots - Red
Sissors in my head: Rotten Toe - scissors tiara - silver (Previous gift)

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