26 April 2010


Grrrrr... /me shakes fist at the other blogger!
Today I log to skype and my SLwife (I think we partnered while drunk, she's just an old friend) told me: "I may have to dump you for Pennelope Thiessam" so me to make my SLwife regret, I decided to put out my ultimate secret weapon nr1 that no one can resist to: the little black dress...
Dress: Amy Black by DK Design
Boots: vintage Last Call (oh how I miss that store...)
Jewel set: *SiSSi* Squarish Complete Set Light, so yes when I wear that necklace, I have the impression that guys look at it instead of something else in the same area :)
Make up by YourSkin & YourShape
Haircut: Exile Shirelle/twilight, I DREAM to cut my hair short RL but never have the guts to do it. Thanks to Exile, I can realise that dream.
Shake fist pose by Sunflower Poses

All LMs at the right of this page.
Now Pennelope, well I wish you lot of happiness with my ex SLwife. I will consider all serious SLwedding proposals in the comments here. Come on click her name, her blog is cool! ;)


  1. YOU WILL NEVER GET RID OF ME. And that dress is hot!

  2. How she ever passed up that little black dress, I will never know...

  3. hey, if Pen leaves me for Lizzie, I think we should shack up ;)

  4. Ah that's an idea, let's do a casting to find all partnered bloggers...