27 April 2010

Pink pirate

Pink is the color that scares me most IRL. In fact I wear all colors as long as it's black. But strangely in SL, I love it. I wonder if I should tell my psychotherapist about it?
Today I got new shoes in SL and they were pink... so 1st reaction: I get scared, then I think: hey it's SL, the shoes are fabulous, let's build a style around them...
So here I am wearing Juicy Victorian Ankle Boot - Bubblegum, with my funny pirate outfit from [Wishbox] Avast! (Pink) old midnight mania gift, but still available to buy in many colors. The hair are Rotten Toe !RT group gift - Vika [hair] - pink and my make up Cecil Rose Halloween from Heaven's Gate. My attitude is a Harajuku 2 pose from Miyoko Magic (yeah shameless self promo).
All TPs at the right of this page, now excuse me I must go take an appointement with my psychotherapist. Pink... pink... why... Barbie plane... cotton candy... why...

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