08 July 2010

Paul the octopus

And here is sad Miyoko with her German vuvuzela, on her way back from the match Germany/Spain... Paul the psychic Octopus was supposed to be always right! But apparently tonight she was wrong...
Shoes: AKEYO AKIDAZ III, that I colored with German flag as each part is color change
Pants: fri. - Low.Rise Jeans (Midnight) gift from GSH
Tank top: part of SYSY's Supporter gear Tankdress - GERMANY, free, with a picture of Paul the octopus, comes in 2 options, "bitch was wrong" or "bitch was right" in case Germany won :) There's also a bunch of free dresses ready for the finals. All at the entrance of the store.
Skin: DrLife Skin SilkGirl Leena - previous lucky board gift
Hair: TRUTH Bethany - night
Pose: :::sunflower poses::: not again
Vuvuzela: free full perm made by Delora S. who told me it's distributable only. I badly colored it with the flag of the country I supported today but the original is nicely made in metal. So if you see someone around the grid with a vuvuzela, just ask him/her :) Oh and of course it does have a vuvuzela animation with annoying sound.

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