14 July 2010


Just lived a very intense SL week. I love and trust everybody. If I notice the trust was cut, I erase the person of my SL and I move on. I don't do or listen to gossips and dramas. And this is pretty much how I am IRL too.
But for the 1st time in 4 years, I met a very angry person in SL who started to threaten my RL. I wasn't sure how to handle it as that person, muted from me, harrassed my friends. And knowing my friends were touched was hard. I just decided to simply ignore that person, and gave excuses to my friends.
Thank you my dear diary/blog for letting me vent this on you :) Subject is closed. BAM!
Top: *FIR* Wife Beater Black (wiki just taught me that "wife beater" is some Anglo-Saxon humour for tank top, 1st time I read the term, thank you SL for teaching us stuff daily. Also Canadians call it a "camisole" but in my language a camisole is the shirt for crazy people with arms attached in the back...)
Shorts: *COCO*_Gift_AthleticShorts - group gift in store
That was an weird and interesting post :)

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