10 October 2010

Hydra 10.10.10

Today 10.10.10 my fresh blog had its 2000th visitor :) So thank you (yes YOU) for reading it or just clicking on it. Thank you also to the designers who believe in the magic.
I'll be serious for a change and speak about Jewelry Fair that goes till the 17th October. As you already know, several proceeds of the fair go to Oxfam International a confederation of organizations working together to help people in poverty improve their lives.
At the fair I got stuck on my screen when I saw the new Hydra collection from Rozoregalia... The necklace comes with 3 types and you'll find matching bracelets, earrings and piercings... OMG I want them IRL too!
Necklace: +ROZOREGALIA*HYDRA*NECKLACE New at Jewelry fair
Bracelets: +ROZOREGALIA*HYDRA*BRACELET New at Jewelry fair
Skin: - Glam Affair - Summer Skin (previous Platinum Hunt gift)
Hair: W&Y HAIR Casual Cool GIFT (previous lucky board gift)
Top: ~Sassy!~ Wet 'n Wild - silver (previous gift)
Skirt and corset: Dilly Dolls *DD* Emilie Black - the corset with alpha layer under is pure glamour
Boots: Maitreya SoHo Boots Group gift (previous gift)
Gloves: Paris Metro: Black Satin - Gloves (previous gift)
Blindfold: Dari's Haus Colorable Blindfold (1L$ at the marketplace and scripted to do "stuff" you know...*winks*)
PS: One of the fundraising system is a kissing booth... in exchange of a few lindens for Oxfam, I had the luck to kiss Thalia Jarvinen. So you fight poverty and you kiss a hot girl, how cool is that? :)

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