16 October 2010

I'd rather wear fur than go naked

A few days ago my furry friend Serenity told me another story about racism in SL towards furries. With my main avatar I'm almost 4 years old in SL and I've been hearing those since I was born. I find sad that years after the situation hasn't changed. So in SL can't we have any appearance we want? Will it always be that difference scares us even unconsciously?
My last question is can a furry be fashion? The answer is: yes! Fur is fashion ;)
Furry avatar: Chimera Industries +boxed Wolfv2+ black Free Avatars By Wingless Emoto with tons of other furry avatars like wolves, foxes, unicorns, hyenas, dragon, cat, kangaroo, reindeers and horses. Avatars customisable with color huds.
Hair: TRUTH Makenzie - teal
Top: *GF* Classic Swimwear -teal- (previous gift)
Pants: [Decoy] Inferno 88 Jeans - Charcoal (previous gift)
Poses: Doll (private blogger's joke: Suri I'll be at club Woods at 5pm SLT *winks*)

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