18 October 2010

Singing in the woods

(Disclaimer: this post has no link with my previous one where I was a wolf)

I often wonder why people don't wear more disguises in SL? I don't do Halloween but I do enjoy to see people finally using their imaginations to be something else during that period. And cool that Halloween in SL starts in January *smiles* (I did a search on it in the feeds). So we have no excuses, let's wear more disguises! It's SL, we are free to do it :)
Hair: ++AY.LinE++Yuri (previous gift)
Skin: .::TD::. Sweet Augustine - tone 1 - is hot for zombies (previous gift The Macabre hunt)
Hood: *Luster - Little Red Riding Hood (previous gift, shop closed)
Top: CMORE - Little Red Riding Hood Costume (part of dress, free at ODB Halloween fair)
Skirt: {paper.doll} PartyGirl-Red (previous gift)
Boots: Ducknipple * Smug - Black :. (previous gift Zombie popcorn hunt)
Axe: (mad world) Wolfhunter Axe (previous gift The Macabre hunt -shop closed)
Pose: :::sunflower poses::: springtime

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