21 December 2010

Derezzed and meet my alt

Today is one of those days when I decide to destroy my computer while running 2 SL clients on it... So on this picture: a lightbike, me in the middle and my main avatar on the right. I cloned her to look like me. She's 4 years old and runs a shop, a gallery and organizes techno parties only with RL DJs. Happy late rezday my main avatar! :)
Skins: Glam Affair Sofia and Sofia v.2 (previous group gifts)
Hair: Asymmetric Bob Black 2 (free hair already in your inventory made by Truth)
Outfit: Blue Light Suit (gift at Tron Legacy sim, go ride some Lightbikes on a grid!!)
Music in my ears: Daft Punk "Derezzed"
Bike: LightBike 4.9 by Ichtyo Broome from Axel & Broome, UPDATE: for sale on the marketplace

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