19 December 2010

The sky is falling

The sky is falling on our heads... Beware ladies and ladies and do not panic, read well those words: Redgrave has items on sale!!! I know your 1st reaction is: yeah right "Miyoko is mad, she always speaks nonsense anyway". Then your 2nd reaction should be: omg what if she wasn't mad and it was true? Well go to Redgrave, search 4 items on sale at 50L$. A coat, a dress, a pair of pants and omg boots.
OMG boots: [*RG*] Classic Leather Boots -Red- (sale 50L$)
Hair: *mia* Hair WILD WOMAN (previous gift)
Belt: [LeLutka]-MI VIDA Belt_Red (previous gift)


  1. Miyoko circa 2007: "Elle have you heard of sculpted boots yet?"
    Elle circa 2007: "Sculpted boots?"
    Miyoko Magic offers to TP you to Redgrave circa 2007

    Miyoko: "Buy these now..."
    Elle: "Thank you Miyoko, you changed my life today."


  2. \o/ I am not alone to speak nonsense! :)
    (what's circa 2007?)