18 January 2011

Doing an angry face to look scary but he doesn't care

My store HelaMiyo is currently part of Pro Posers hunt, excellent event to discover the best pose makers in the grid and get tons of their samples for free.
So yesterday I decided to go do the hunt myself when I arrived at ::eXpression::. With my hunter face on, no time to rez people around, I run around the shop to find a blueprint. While running I see someone waving at me, so I run to him and it was Sho Kenin the owner of ::eXpression::
I thought I MUST have him on my blog but not sure how to ask, so I said: hey it's not to hit on you but you have a super cool avatar, would you be ok to take a picture with me? And the result is above this text :)

Miyoko Magic is wearing:
Hair: A&A Akira Hair Darkbrown (marketplace 1L$)
Skin: DrLife Skin SilkGirl Xia -Natural (previous LB gift)
Skirt: *update* I can't credit the skirt I bought 1L on marketpalce and was registered against my will to their subscriber group. I went to store inworld and there is not subscriber to join or leave.
Belt: [LeLutka]-MI VIDA Belt_Terra (previous group gift)
Gloves: *X*plosion BLACK SoldierGloves (previous gift)
Arm bands: Virtual Insanity - Chick Armband (previous gift)
Leg tattoo: [SE*Designz] Tattoo - kanji rulez (previous gift)
Gun in garter: Silver Hawk Company SH PPK BLK (Lucky board)

Sho Kenin is wearing:

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