13 January 2011

My 1st drama

Ah my 1st bloggers drama... The 5th January I made a special post. I used things we all have but I styled it in a very special unique way. My style was: a sweater we all have, a geisha type skin we all have and some hair with a hat we all have. Click here to see the post I mention. But no one had the idea to put them together.
10 hours later in the feed... I see a blog with the same sweater, the same type of skin and hair with a little hat. So yes we all have those items but what's the point in copying the exact same style of another blog? Don't we have thousands of items in our inventories to make it unique styles?
If you read the subtitle of my blog it's "SL vintage, new designs and freebies you certainly already have in your inventories". See I don't even pretend to be the 1st to blog them, far from it. I even have 2 links sections of my favorite blogs to show where I find my clothes.
I guess you know you made it as blogger when this kind of thing happen. So yay for my 1st copycat! And here is a cool outfit you can take inspiration from if you want:
Pose you should all have too: HelaMiyo :: gown 5


  1. How is this a drama? Is anyone actually making a fit over it, other than yourself?

  2. Oh, this has happened to me a many of time.

  3. Gracie, hehe you're absolutely right, that's why the blog post title is well "my" 1st drama ;-)

    Catherine, hurry to get this board!!

  4. Well DUH (long day here). I posted my reply to this post on the feature of the little black dress and tights that you mentioned. Sure you will see it anyway.

    I do love that sandwich board and will be sure and pick it up soon. Thanks.

  5. hahaha Chic you rock <3 I switch over there

  6. Hi Myoko :)

    I do understand your angriness.
    It may be is a big disappointment, when others are copying a style someone blogged.

    But - frankly - I also sometimes copy a style I see in a feed because

    a) I like it
    b) I want to show it to my german readers, who don't understand english

    I don't do that very often, but here and then.

    Try to not see it as a drama, but as a compliment for your good taste and style.

    I don't think, that is really a SL-drama. Real SL-dramas are other things such as the Stiletto Moody-case ^^

    BTW: I like that board very much. Thanks for blogging it :) And I do like your poses!

    Greetings from germany.


  7. hey Momo, I'm not angry really, it made me smile more as it surprised me.
    Many bloggers are a true inspiration as I go through the feeds, but there is a thin difference between inspiration and totally take what somebody else made unique.
    Of course I used the word drama as humour here to make a point. A few days before I made a post with my own top and flops of 2010 where I was saying how happy I was to be part now of the blogosphere as until then it went smoothly for me.
    I'll just go on posting what I love (even if I have to end up with naked pixels haha)
    I return you a compliment: your blog is super geil :)
    Take care