10 June 2010

Goodbye Lindens

You don't need to come out of superior business studies to understand the amazing excellent results Linden Lab just published. I quote:

"The Second Life economy kicked off 2010 with strength in many key indicators in Q1.       
  • User-to-User Transactions totaled US$160 million, a 30% increase year-to-year and an all-time high
  • Total Sales on Xstreet reached US$2.3 million, an 82% increase year-to-year and a 24% increase over the previous quarter
  • Total L$ exchanged on the LindeX totaled US$31 million, a 9% increase year-to-year
  • Residents active in the Economy reached 517,349 in March, a 2010 high
  • Monthly Unique Users with Repeat Logins peaked in March at 826,214, a 13% increase year-to-year and an all-time high"
But what I don't understand is why they fired 30% of their staff today?
Goodbye Lindens, we will see you in Blue Mars, or any cool new worlds that are being invented now. We usually have the same names as we had in SL ;-)


  1. "strategic restructuring "...
    LL statement is an excellent example of newspeak

  2. Because I am fairly certain those numbers are massaged and not real.