15 June 2010

SL Bloggers - Write about three positive things going on in your Second Life

1) SL saved my RL. A friend made me discover it when I was a fresh broken heart, totally depressed, not going out anymore, taking anti depressants, all contacts cut with my friends and family. The people I met in SL gave me the energy to fight that state and get my life back on track. Now I have the best life possible, I reconnected with the outside world, I go out (maybe too much but that's also my job ^^). So yes, SL was my best therapist and it saved my life :)
2) Everything that I learned and still learn today in SL! 3 years ago, I could barely use photoshop, I had no idea what 3D was and how it was made. Script was like Martian language... I was lucky to meet very inspiring people who became good teachers for me. And at my turn, I teach all I can to whoever needs it
3) I travel a lot IRL, and I was lucky to meet a lot SL people who are now RL friends

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