17 June 2010

Topic #5 - Blogger's choice! SL blogger and SL designer

Topic #5 - Blogger's choice! Write about anything that's on your mind!

My subject will be: being a SL blogger and SL designer...
SL blogger is fun, I really enjoy it and do it for fun. I'm very new at this but already had tons of surprises since I do it. 

People start to recognize you in the grid, some designers start to be nicer with you, you receive nice stuff and it's fun to take time to put a style together, take the time to take a cool picture and hope that people will have a look at it.

I was surprised after a few posts when I noticed that other bloggers were copycats. At start I was like WTF? Don't they have thousands of other items to post instead of the style I digged in my inventory and took days to make mad mixes to be original? Then I thought: oh ok that's how it is, it must be a sign of recognition that you are good or something. And also that we must have the same stuff so they accidentally picked up the same from your 50k inventory :) and now it just makes me smile. No need to catch a big head here, we are just mannequins.

The downside for me is when I see on other blogs: the poor quality of pictures, the lack of imagination, the deformed snapshots that make you look like aliens, and the poor sense of fashion when bloggers post ALL that they receive and don't even wonder if it goes together. I guess it's an editorial choice, but it's not mine. I'm for quality, not quantity. But again SL is just a copy of RL so that's how it is.

SL designer: I'm an alt, my main avatar has a great shop working well. I decided to do this avatar with a new business with totally different activities, no friend list, total challenge, starting from scratch. And it's a fight in the grid/jungle to become someone :) I just love to create things, and I love to take time to do it well and original.

I do things for fun and I hope people will like them, but my downside here is I noticed that the small stores lack totally of support from bloggers. Except a few curious and passionate ones, the others don't take the risk to show anything else than big names. So when you are a small name, you can be totally invisible.

And this is why I do both: blogger and designer! Now you know all :) I hope to see you in world or in my blogs ^^

Miyoko Magic for Big Bad Blogger Challenge 2010

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