23 July 2010

Crazy rezday week

SL for me is about new challenges. All my avatars until now were females because it's simply easier to be a nice looking female in SL. Then I thought: I don't like easy. So I made Miyoko Magic, no friends, no networks, no groups, no connections, starting a new business from scratch for the challenge and this blog for fun.
This week, reading the blogs as always I thought I must change something, there are tons of female avatars who post nice stuff, it's not fun anymore for me. So I went to my favorite surgeon (who is my own shop as I do male shapes too) and I had an operation to become a male.
All was fine and good until I saw I was on the cover of OK! SL mag with as title "Miyoko Magic, a woman entrepreneur"

Also this week: I turned 2 years old but I forgot until Coko Fairey sent me a birthday gift, I opened a new mainstore at Juicy, I SLdivorced Lizzie and SLmarried Sysy
This... is... Second Life :-)
The shapes on Miyoko male and female are from Miyoko Magic Boutique new mainstore at Juicy


  1. I DIVORCED YOU. Tell Sysy I am so stalking her ass LOL.

  2. I didn't get the 25L$ bill from your lawyer yet ;)
    And leave Sy² alone! (did you see the huge diamond I offered her?)

  3. Diamond, whatever. Tell her to expect notecards, drama, and general asshattery - YOU WILL BE MINE AGAIN!!

  4. well let me remind you: "Lizzie Lexington said...