17 August 2010


2 ways to see this post:
1st way > you think what the heck is that style with a head made in 2005 Second Life basic prims style.
2nd way > you are a fan of techno music and have immediately recognized the Mau5head worn by Deadmau5 when he plays live on stage or worn by his fans.
And today while choosing new tracks to buy legally :) I saw news about him and thought ok I must make him a sign that he has fans in Second Life and many DJs who play his tracks, will blog about it and send him this post. So Deadmau5, if you ever join SL, you will have your stage head ready. And until then, it is a gift to anyone who wants it.
Head: Miyoko Magic -Mau5head (free gift in store)
Dress: Rotten Toe !RT...Dark Blossom *Black* how I love this dress!
Boots: ZombiePopcorn gift from Ducknipple (previous hunt)
Skin: Glam Affair - Summer Skin [ Platinum Hunt ]
Pose: Miyoko Magic - Drama 4

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